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Music Promotion
The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard

"The Musician's Blueprint to Getting Heard Shares The Exact Music Promotion Methods That The World's Most Successful
Indie Musicians Are Using Right Now."
Let's not stop there. Getting your songs heard isn't going to be a problem. Let's create some buzz while we're at it.
Let's turn your new listeners into fans.

Want to Get Started?

The Blueprint is going to show you how to keep those listeners coming back so you can build a true fan base. Once you do that, everything becomes possible and a real music career can finally get started.
It's a step by step system that ties everything together and shows you how to promote music in a way that finally makes sense and becomes stronger and more effective every week you have it in place.
This is the "new music industry" and it's time indie musicians, songwriters and promoters market their songs to take advantage of the unprecedented opportunities that now exist.
The old methods of getting exposure just aren't going to cut it anymore.

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Ultimate Home Recording School DVD Set

Ultimate Home Recording School DVD Set
Ultimate Home Recording School DVD Set

Own your own copy of our Flagship Home Recording Product. This 3 Disc DVD Boxed Set is over 6 hours of our top of the line training on Home and Project Recording.

The “Ultimate Home Recording School” DVD Box Set is our top of the line training set for the recording musician.

A 3-Disc set featuring over 6 Hours of Premium Hands On Training to help you master your home recording studio.Hosted by David Wills (Engineer/Consultant with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins), this is the one stop training on Home Recording that you’ve been looking for.


Bonus #1 – Project Files Folder
Each Ultimate Home Recording Box Set comes with exclusive DVD-ROM features on the 3rd DVD that includes project files, sample recordings with popular microphones, bonus videos and demos…and much, much more. We’ve also included some trial software of all the big names in the industry so that you can try plug ins, drum loops and recording/mastering software.

Bonus #2 – EQ Cook Book
This E-Book includes all the tips & tricks in terms of EQ. All the bands of frequencies that instruments live in…all the EQ “neighborhoods” that we need to be familiar with. Plus a ton of online resources for in depth research on this subject.

Bonus #3 – Effects Cook Book
Your ticket provides you access to this E-Book that gives you an entire E-Book filled with all the resources and online links to understand the effects world.

Bonus #4 – How to make $$$ Six Figures working on Concert Tours
David Wills has toured the world working for the biggest names in the industry. Having days off in Rome, Moscow and Tokyo and pulling down six figures, life as a touring programmer/engineer is a rewarding one. For the first time ever, David goes into detail as to how to hunt down these jobs and make a living out of your passion…music! This E-Book is a valuable resource for anyone who would like to travel the world with the stars…and get paid well for it!

Bonus #5 – Effects Training
Over 50 minutes of bonus training on a myriad of effects including Vocoders & Phasers, Flangers and Filters.


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